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Thursday, March 31, 2011

MoT to NRE going to be new DIMENSION & Challenges for 2011

I heard this rumors last Wednesday... is it true or it just a rumors in the ORGANIZATION.. believe it or not?

Better believe it because I heard it from my immediate SUPERIOR... and the conversation was done in front of me! Huhuhuhu they going to put me under STATE? Halloooooo.... my tummy are big enough to prove that I cannot deal with it.. I'm going to take off 90 days for my confinement and instead STATE was very challenging!!! I'm not try to run from RESPONSIBILITY but I'm pity & sympathy for people around me that handle STATE without me...

Then I heard another news that they will re-shuffle it again! After considering my current condition..

Alhamdulillah... TQ Cik Farhana for the confirmation... they going to put me as ABRO for NRE under En. Hazrul & replacing Nasir... So Nasir going to take STATE, Cheq Dee will go to KTTHA, Azmi will replace Hairol & Hairol will take my current post "ABRO MOT"... happy to hear! Cheq Dee also share the same feeling as I felt..

So I'm going to do different budget this year (2012)...

Thanks ALLAH u know what is the BEST for me..

1 comment:

mummy-aulia' said...

alaaa..orang?orang kena tukar x? so fiza tukar ofi la?dah x jd rumate la kiter?huhuuu