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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm 31 weeks on 28 Mac 2011

All weeks are calculated from the first day of your LMP (Last Menstrual Period), not from conception.


Further and further into your pregnancy your baby is growing and your body is preparing for birth. Since your baby is taking up all of the space available, your internal organs are pushed and pressed. This may cause you to have frequent heartburn, which is uncomfortable. If you experience this, consider eating smaller and more frequent meals and remain upright after eating.
Make sure you check with your doctor before taking medication; even over the counter products.

Most pregnant women will be troubled by back pain at any stage of their pregnancy. Sometimes this back pain can last well into the first year after the birth. Do ask your partner to give you a nice backrub every now and then!
As your body is preparing for the delivery of your baby, it starts to produce a hormone called ‘relaxin’. Relaxin will make your pelvis more mobile to facilitate the birth of your baby. Even though it may make you ‘waddle’ you will be happy by the time you give birth!

There are some who go through their pregnancy without most of the usual complaints. Don’t worry; your body is still very busy preparing for birth. Your excellent physical condition or pain tolerance levels may be a factor. Consider yourself very lucky!


Your baby is developing further and further. The irises now respond to light; if they see light, the irises will become smaller. If it is dark they dilate. The nails may have reached the end of the fingers and the skin color is pink, due to the thin layer of white fat underneath the skin. You, as an expecting mother, tend to get out of breath easily. Bear in mind that your baby doesn’t; the placenta is providing plenty of oxygen for your little one! Your baby now weighs about 1.5 kg.


Mone said...

Tahniah Oja for your 3rd pregnancy....Semoga ibu n baby sihat selalu...:D

GuGurl said...

TQ MOne... hang pun baru tambah ka? Profile pic tu mcm gambaq baby ja... baby hang ka? Berapa dah soljar?