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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wangsa Walk 2011

My Sweet Little Girl : Nur 'Ain 'Aleesya Binti Mohd Azhar is 4 months now..

with HeR eVer DearY sisTer : NuR 'AiN AfEEqaH BinTi MoHd AzhaR 3years oLd

wItH muMMy...

with her EvEr DeaRest Family

"DaddY MoHd AzHar RaMLi.. Big Sister NuR 'AiN 'AqeeLah.. LittLe SiSta NuR 'AiN AfeeQah.. LittLe GirL NuR 'Ain 'ALeesyA & MuMMy"

Last weekend ambil kesempatan En. Hubby balik bercuti.. kitorang g Wangsa Walk bawa anak2 tengok wayang citer..... ceteka ceteka hehehe Mr. Bean is Johny English kat Wangsa Walk. Ditemani my brother Fezza and Shasha.. TQ yek accompany me kalu tak haru derrrr...

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